Work With Jenny Carr

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food."  -Hippocrates

Do you know you need to get rid of inflammation in your body, but are overwhelmed with how to make it happen in your life?  Does feeling deprived of the foods you love make you panic stricken?  Eating an anti-inflammatory diet often requires eliminating the comfort foods so many of us have come to enjoy. Making the necessary changes can feel impossible at times. A short-term elimination is sustainable, but you need an easy long-term solution that does not deprive your taste buds.

Jenny Carr, anti-inflammatory health coach, has designed a streamlined approach to eating an anti-inflammatory diet by focusing on one simple food group, processed sugar. To make the biggest impact on your overall health, you need to learn how to swap out processed sugar for sugar that does not cause inflammation. There are so many treats you can eat without the inflammatory ingredients. In our work together, you will receive food swap recipes for cakes, cookies, breads, pizza along with all of the foods you love, without the ingredients that cause harm. The secret to an anti-inflammatory diet is by swapping out processed sugar and by default, you eliminate many of the top 6 inflammatory foods. By focusing on one food group, your anti-inflammatory diet simply falls into place.

Working with Jenny is for people serious about eliminating inflammation from their body with ease and satisfaction. In our time together, Jenny will give you the steps to:

·      Swap out the top inflammatory ingredients for foods you love.
·      Detox from the foods that have been causing chronic inflammation.
·     Experience health based fat loss (no calorie counting or points system
·      Stop cravings in their tracks.
·      Eliminate massive amounts of inflammation in your body.
·      PLUS over 30 anti-inflammatory food swap recipes free of: processed
       sugar, wheat, cow dairy, inflammatory oils, alcohol and GMOs.

If you want to say goodbye to chronic health issues including: joint pain, loss of energy, poor sleep, inability to lose weight, digestive disorders, auto-immune conditions, diabetes, brain fog, allergies, skin conditions (and more), click HERE to book a discovery session with Jenny.