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Supporting happy & healthy families one anti-inflammatory meal at a time. Explore TCEK to discover FREE kid tested - parent approved anti-inflammatory recipes in addition to information about the affects inflammation has on the body & mind.


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As a mother of two young children, Jenny has learned to be creative in the kitchen swapping out inflammatory ingredients with foods that do not create inflammatory responses. From breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and more - Jenny gives you plenty of options that allow you to EN-JOY food while gaining health. (Be sure to check out The Clean Eating Kid for more recipes while we update this section of the website....yellow "Explore" button to the left.)

Work With Jenny Carr

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food."  -Hippocrates

As a anti-inflammatory nutritional coach Jenny will help you address your individual health goals. If your goals pertain to weight loss, improved athletic performance, supporting the body's ability to heal, or to simply learn about inflammation and its affect on you; Jenny will help identify which foods are inflammatory while giving you delicious and practical food swaps that both satisfy the taste buds and allow you to gain vibrant health.