Jenny specializes in removing inflammation from the body through clean eating, movement & elegant thinking. Fiercely committed to helping people of ALL ages gain health and vibrancy, Jenny has created a number of options under the parent company Jenny Carr Health to help you live life to its fullest! By removing inflammation from the body, Jenny guides her clients into new levels of self-care where they discover joy and well-being. A certified personal trainer, health coach, fitness nutrition coach, and Deeksha Giver, Jenny uses many tools to help her clients meet their individualized goals. Contact Jenny to empower yourself and transform your health.

My journey towards living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle has been a long time in the making. And to be clear, my journey has not ended. I don't believe that our journey of self-care ever comes to an end. That would be like saying, 'I am done taking care of myself.'

Like many of us, there have been some rough times in my life. Many of which pertained to my health or that of my family members. (Visit The Clean Eating Kid for my son's story of healing through eating an anti-inflammatory diet or visit Finding Joy. Food & Health for the story of my mom and I both recovering from different auto-immune diseases by adopting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.) Jenny Carr Health was conceived because of the difficult times that I now see as incredible learning opportunities.

Jenny Carr Health is the parent company to: The Clean Eating Kid, Finding Joy. Food & Health as well as Clean Eating, Healthy Living Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plans.

It was because of my son's chronic health conditions as a baby and into his toddler years, that I witnessed the profound need to educate children and their families about the effects of inflammation and what how they can remove it by simply swapping out inflammatory foods for clean whole foods that kids actually enjoy!

It was because of my need to improve my health through diet, learn healthy boundaries for self-care while discovering alternative modalities for healing that Finding Joy. Food & Health was born. AND it was because I saw the desperate need of so many people on my journey towards healing who knew they needed to make a change in their diet, but didn't know where to begin or how to make it a reality in their life, that Clean Eating, Healthy Living Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plans was conceived.

All three of these organizations are passionate around one topic: help people feel better and find joy in life. I have experienced first hand that when a person's health is being challenged, all other facets of enjoying life become very limited. Too often than not, people are given medications to cover up the symptoms of their health conditions rather than given the support needed to remove the root of the problem through diet and lifestyle. Jenny Carr Health and her coordinating organizations are here to help you get at the ROOT of all physical, mental or emotional problems you are experiencing, so that you can start LIVING life again.

I am fiercely committed to helping YOU gain a life full of vibrancy, hope, joy & health. Join me on this journey as you experience new highs in life never thought possible.

With Love,
Jenny Carr