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This meal plan is designed to walk you through two short prep days in order to prepare ALL of your food for the week (for a family of four). All recipes are anti-inflammatory meaning free of processed sugars, cow dairy, inflammatory fats, highly processed foods, GMOs as well as gluten-free options for each recipe.


  • Table Of Contents – allows you to quickly locate the page you are looking for in one easy click.
  • Tip To LIVING An Anti-Inflammatory LIFESTYLE
  • 3 Meal Plan Calendars – That can be alternated each month. The calendars teach you how to batch cooking saving time and money.
  • 3 Shopping Lists That Correspond With Each Month
  • 3 Step By Step Guides To Streaming In The Kitchen – This embedded coaching allows you to prepare all of your food for the week in 2 short prep days!
  • 30 Full Color Recipe Cards for each seasonal meal plan – this includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert & snacks
  • BONUS, An Additional 6 Full Color SIDE DISH Recipe Cards

FUN TIP: Print off the meal plan and store in a three-ring binder as you develop your own recipe book full of delicious anti-inflammatory recipes.

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