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Reverse your chronic health symptoms and melt away inflammation easily while enjoying what you eat.

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○ Swap out the top 6 inflammatory ingredients and still eat what you love ○ Detox from the foods that have been causing chronic inflammation ○ Experience health-based fat loss (no calorie counting or points system here) ○ Stop cravings in their tracks ○ Melt away inflammation ○ Learn how to follow an anti-inflammatory diet while on the road or in the air  

BONUS: Over 40 anti-inflammatory food swap recipes free of processed sugar, wheat, cow dairy, inflammatory oils, alcohol, and GMOs

Jenny provides the tips, tactics, and game-changing approaches to anti-inflammatory eating that won't leave you feeling deprived. She makes breaking free from a bad diet super easy.” - Vani Hari, Creator of FoodBabe.com and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Food Babe Way  

Jenny Carr is an international best selling author, MOM-prenuer, speaker and leading anti-inflammatory health coach. She survived a near death experience due to an auto-immune condition, then healed through upholding anti-inflammatory living, and is on a mission to help others do the same. 

 Whether it is recovering from an auto-immune disease, reversing chronic physical disorders or easing behavioral and emotional conditions, Jenny specializes in helping people reverse these chronic symptoms by adopting and maintaining anti-inflammatory eating without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. Think cupcakes, pizza, bread and muffins the anti-inflammatory way! 

She offers VIP coaching as well as an online course, The Secret To Anti-Inflammatory Eating, and has been featured through The Food Babe, Dr. Mark Hyman, US News & Worl& Report, Aman Resorts, MindBodyGreen and Well+Good.  

Jenny enjoys playing, working and living in the mountains where she resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with her husband Brock and two kids, Tosh and Chloe.