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9 weeks to
eating great,
feeling great,
and living life
fully again!!

Let me guess.

Over time, chronic symptoms have inched into your life, and now they are beginning to impact your every day.

You’re not alone. Over 60% of the population is suffering from a chronic condition that could be helped (if not CURED) with an anti-inflammatory diet.

Because chronic symptoms slowly make their way into our lives, we often don’t spot them until we’re overwhelmed by discomfort.

Chronic symptoms like:

  • Stubborn Weight Gain
  • Low energy
  • Bloating
  • Joint Pain
  • Headaches
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Skin Conditions
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Foggy Brain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inability To Focus
  • Auto-Immune Disease

The symptoms of chronic inflammation show up in the places where each individual is most vulnerable, meaning that it might look different in each person.


But the one thing in common is the ability to reverse (or significantly improve) these symptoms through daily diet WITHOUT feeling deprived!


And while it’s no fun to experience chronic symptoms associated with inflammation, even less fun is how it stops us from living our day to day life in the way we always dreamed.


–> Maybe you can’t play with your grandkids  because of the pain in your knees.

–> Maybe your athletic performance is declining and you have big goals in mind.

–> It could be that you no longer have the energy to aspire in your career as you always dreamed of.

–> If you’re a parent, chronic anxiety or depression could be stopping you from supporting your kids the way you envision for yourself.

–> Or is it that you have put a stop to social outings for fear that your stomach will act up and you won’t have a bathroom nearby.

These are just a few of the obstacles many people with chronic inflammation face.


What’s most important is to determine how your symptoms are impacting your life.


What if you could reverse those symptoms through anti-inflammatory eating without feeling overwhelmed or deprived?

“I thought I was too old to lose weight and get healthy. Over the years I had tried many different “diets” with a temporary fix. Today I know different. I have lost 50 pounds and look forward to losing more. I am off of all my medications including high blood pressure meds. Jenny has taught me to eat clean and I am here to tell you I feel so much better. Jenny’s encouragement and teachings have taught me it’s never too late. She is amazing and I am so happy that she coached me.”
Jackie Lance

By addressing the inflammation, your symptoms simply melt away. It’s like magic!

Hi! My name is Jenny Carr.

A number of years ago I survived a near-death experience due to a severe Lyme and parasite infection. The parasites were so intense, that they actually put holes in my organs and ate away some of my endocrine glands. As the Lyme bacteria and parasites died off, they released neurotoxins that made me feel like I was drinking a gallon of bleach each day. My body was literally being poisoned and I had no room for added inflammation and toxins.

Because I maintained an anti-inflammatory diet through it all, I was able to live through the days that I didn’t know if I would wake to see morning.

So this work. Helping you heal. It is personal. I know without a doubt, that I went through my illness so that I could  help others.
"I recommend Jenny Carr Health to anyone looking to remove inflammation from their body. Jenny's knowledge about inflammation is mind-blowing. She is truly a wealth of knowledge. Jenny gives amazing support. Support for each person on this journey of clean eating. Her book "Peace of Cake The Secret to an Anti-Inflammatory Diet" is filled with tips, recipes and her personal journey to health. She teaches the importance of healthy eating and makes it simple to follow. This has become a new lifestyle for me. I started this journey in mid January and within three months my cholesterol has dropped more than 30 points, my BMI is down 3.5%, and I have lost 13 pounds. And most of all my pain has decreased tremendously! No more hair loss!! I have more energy. For me (someone that has several auto immune disorders) this is amazing. If I had only met Jenny five years ago, I would not have taken an early retirement. Who knew foods and the power of water could free your body from inflammation! Thank you Jenny Carr for all you are doing to free us from inflammation."
Donna Dobbs

Have It All!

Reverse Chronic Symptoms Through Anti-Inflammatory Eating WIthout Overwhelm or Deprivation

I am on a mission to help you experience vibrant health and tasty foods, anti-inflammatory style!

Because you can have your cake, pizza, muffins, and more by simply swapping out the top 6 inflammatory ingredients for options that taste similar but don’t inflame!

That’s what makes my Have It All! online group coaching program so unique. It is designed for people who want to feel well AND enjoy the foods they love – all without feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen. They want to….Have It All!

It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how much you love chocolate sundaes, I’ve got you covered!

Each week you’ll receive:

  • Video trainings on how to make simple food swaps and live an anti-inflammatory life!
  • Worksheets and templates that make note taking and meal prepping easier than ever!
  • LIVE Q&A coaching calls with me where you can submit your questions in advance!
  • Ongoing special guest presentation workshops that support you in your new lifestyle!
  • And best of all, access to our EXCLUSIVE online community that’s full of friendships!
In our work together, not only did I gain energy while losing my headaches and dizziness, but I gained a self-confidence and self-mastery around my unique lifestyle. Through my work with Jenny, I have so much more clarity on life.
Mary Nahallah

Right now, the doors to Have It All are OPEN, but spots are already filling up FAST!

And that might have something to do with the special BONUS GIFTS that I’m offering when you sign up now!


  • Access to my 3 month anti-inflammatory meal plan full of amazing recipes, directions to streamline in the kitchen and grocery lists.
  • Invitation to join my Clean Eating Kid masterclass. Help your whole family hop on the clean eating train!
  • Invitation to join my Heal Now! masterclass. Reverse autoimmune or crisis symptoms.
  • And best of all, receive monthly access to guest presenter workshops from influencers, authors and specialists who will support your holistic health journey. These range from topics such as: –>Reverse Autoimmune Through Boundary Setting with Ryan Lee –> Detox Your Home Of Environmental Toxins with Tonya Harris –>Move From I Should Have Self-Care To: It’s My Way Of Living with Courtney Townley –>Manifest Your Dream Life with Jenn Gottlieb –>Move Into Your Body To Fully Heal with Tamara Arnold –>How To Move Through The Grief Of What Your Body Once Was And Embrace The Beauty Of It Now with Sarah Nannen –>And so many more!!!
These presenters are top notch. The information they are delivering is game changing and the perfect compliment to our work together!

"Carr is on a mission to support the youngest generation as they experience healing through diet. The Clean Eating Kid will show you how to make anti-inflammatory eating a reality for the whole family."
Dr. Mark Hyman, MD


I have helped hundreds of people significantly improve if not reverse their chronic conditions. In fact, in 9 short weeks, you could be feeling like the younger, energetic and vibrant self you once knew!

Now, I’m not just someone laying a claim without backing it up.

In fact, I have a 100% success rate in helping people significantly improve, if not reverse their chronic symptoms by showing up to do the work that I teach them.

How can I be so positive that I can help you? If you are experiencing chronic symptoms. All types of physical, mental or behavioral conditions that have shown up in your life consistently for 1-2 months (or more), then chronic inflammation is at the root of that symptom.

And while there are a number of things that cause chronic inflammation, diet is #1.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what some of my clients have to say about our work together.

"During coaching calls, I always get a ‘nugget’ of information that changes how I view my own life. I KNOW what I should be doing, but it’s hard to do it on your own. Jenny provides the right amount of knowledge to each participant. She doesn’t overwhelm you, but instead accesses where you are and gives just the right amount of guidance. I'd recommend this program to everyone I meet that is experiencing chronic pain, is overweight but wanting to be the best of themselves. I KNOW deep in my heart that Jenny can solve just about anyone’s problems. If you want to get off your meds, the only way to do that is to treat your body with respect. I had and have difficulties with this, but Jenny helps me stay on track. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without her."
Addy Hutchison
“During Have It All! I have become more aware of why I need to eat Inflammation-free and that it is possible! I understand more about label reading, and what I'm looking for rather than just caloric intake. In nine weeks, I’ve put healthy habits in place. And have been introduced to new influencers in this space that I can trust through the guest presenters. One of the best parts of the program has been creating new friends from the group, including Jenny Carr. I am motivated to cook and bake more as I try recipes from Jenny's book - they're pretty easy to do and taste great! In these past nine weeks, I've gotten to understand my body better and have a new love for it... well, we're working on that! And to top it all off, it’s the first course I ever finished.”
Lisa Barnett

This Program Is Perfect For You If:

  1. You are looking to reverse your symptoms without deprivation or overwhelm.
  2. You’re the kind of person who would succeed with inspiration and accountability to reverse your symptoms by adopting and maintaining anti-inflammatory eating once and for all.
  3. You want to drop unwanted weight, eliminate bloat, clear your skin, improve energy, think more clearly and simply feel confident in your body.
  4. You want to receive a bunch of EASY anti-inflammatory recipes and grocery store food swaps that actually taste great! Think pizza, pasta, muffins and cookies…anti-inflammatory style.
  5. You want to finally learn what works well for your body so that you can kick diet trends and adopt a life-long way of eating that feels great!
  6. You are looking to stop cravings in their tracks once and for all with three simple steps.
  7. You want to learn how to streamline in the kitchen so that you have free time to enjoy the things in life that mean the most to you.
  8. You want to learn what foods are inflaming so you can drop the confusion found in the world of nutrition and keep things simple, yet effective
"Carr helps families navigate the tricky world of food inflammation and starts your family on a path to healthy eating. Finally, a tool kit to help take the stress out of meal planning, holidays and parties."
Colleen Wachob, Co-founder MindBodyGreen
Because You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It Too, Anti-Inflammatory Style!