If YOU had the opportunity to reverse your chronic symptoms by ADOPTING and MAINTAINING anti-inflammatory eating without feeling overwhelmed or deprived - would you?

If YOU could heal your pain, increase your energy, banish digestive disorders, lose unwanted weight, reverse auto-immune conditions, sleep better, think more clearly, improve your memory, experience clear skin and maybe even improve your athletic performance – by eating foods like cupcakes, lasagna, muffins and pancakes – would you?
To everyone I meet that is experiencing chronic pain, is overweight but wanting to be the best of themselves that they can be - I KNOW deep in my heart that Jenny can solve just about anyone’s problems. If you want to get off your meds, the only way to do that is to treat your body with respect. I had and have difficulties with this, but Jenny helps me stay on track. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without her.
Addy Hutchison

How can I possibly talk about healing the body and adopting anti-inflammatory eating while leading with a cupcake?

The truth is, diet is the #1 reason that we experience chronic inflammation in the body. Thankfully for us, it is also something that we have complete control over once we learn what our body thrives off of.
Trust me – you don’t have to eat kale salad everyday to follow anti-inflammatory eating. (No offense to kale salad!) In fact, you CAN have your cake and eat it too – the anti-inflammatory way….you just have to know what foods to SWAP out that remove the inflammation, yet taste similar.
Jenny is so much more than just a coach interested in helping improve one’s health. She is a gifted transmitter of vital information to help make significant lifestyle changes.

I sought her guidance to see if she could help me with a diet that might work with my Diabetes. She has done so much more than that. She helped me not only develop a super beneficial clean anti-inflammatory diet that has helped stabilize my blood sugars, but she also steered me toward other huge factors in improving my health including adequate hydration, stress reduction in exercise and teaching me the many facets of elegant thinking. She is so enthusiastic, caring, and deeply interested in providing the absolute best information. She listens carefully to and addresses individual needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about achieving optimal health and fitness.
Jeanie Clark

But it's not only diet that is causing chronic inflammation in our body nowadays.

In fact, the top 6 things that cause inflammation in the body are…

Many modern day food companies have completely altered our food from what it was 30 years ago. Whole wheat bread, for example, which use to be considered healthy - is often chalk full of genetically modified foods, processed sugar, inflammatory oils, cow dairy that is infused with growth hormones and antibiotics - all of which are included in the top 5 most inflammatory foods! And this is coming from a "healthy" food. Can you imagine what a candy bar or box of Mac N Cheese would do to our bodies from an inflammatory standpoint.

and I'm not talking about staying hydrated here...I'm talking about supporting the liver and kidney's detoxification process, which often requires more than the standard recommended amount of water. (The two are often confused.)

Our society is getting busier and busier yet the amount of time we have available each day stays the same. While we can't change the outward stress, we can  increase our productivity, efficiency and feeling of grounded-ness - which directly impacts stress reduction.

I use the term movement, because we don't have to hit the treadmill and run for an hour in order to successfully remove inflammation from the body. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Gentle movement that gets the blood flowing, supports alignment in the body and encourages deep breathing are the best for removing inflammation in the body. For all you marathon and ultra-marathon runners out there (and yes...I use to be one of them...), constant, pounding exercise without efficient rest does happen to increase inflammation in the body.

This ties in naturally to stress and the overstimulation our body and mind are in today's society. Whether we spend extra hours trying to accomplish more, or spend those hours worrying.....it seems that as humans, we are getting less and less sleep- which is crucial to the detoxification process. In fact, our liver (the organ responsible for processing the majority of toxins in our body) goes into overdrive in the middle of the night. If we are awake, then we are stealing energy to accomplish our "outward" tasks which would ideally be used for up regulating the detox pathways that start at the liver.

This is a big one, and unfortunately one that we have less control over. Environmental toxins can range from pollution in the air, to construction and building materials that off-gas, to chemicals in our personal care products to bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites which release neurotoxins, often powerful enough to kill a person if emitted too quickly from die-off. As a survivor (from a near death experience) due to chronic Lyme and a severe parasite infection....I know about these environmental toxins all too well.

……This list is overwhelming for me, and I’ve been at this work for nearly a decade!

To simply the process, I have figured out how to streamline the removal of chronic inflammation from the body. And it starts with diet because we have control over our food. And how beautiful is that?

In a world where it can feel like we have so little control over outward situations – the beauty is that we DO control what goes into our body and how that directly impacts our health.

To begin removing inflammation and regenerating the cells in your body – we want to address each of the top inflammatory foods: processed sugar, wheat, cow dairy, certain inflammatory oils, genetically modified goods and alcohol.
Sounds like a lot, right?
What if I told you that by focusing on and SWAPPING out ONE simple ingredient for an option that tastes similar, yet doesn’t inflame – you would by default drop many of these top 6 inflammatory foods to the wayside?

Pretty cool, right?

You see, I’m a mom of two energetic kids. I work full time, “try” to keep the house clean and really enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible. I walk my talk in regards to anti-inflammatory eating…not only with myself, but also for my kids. So it has become MY MISSION to find a way to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet without feeling overwhelmed and without my kids or I feeling deprived. And now that I’ve figured it out – Teaching others how to do the same thing is my passion. 

There is no better medicine than eating the right type of food….or more specifically…..eliminating the wrong kid of food. As the famous Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The truth is – we can all do a two week “clean eating” or no sugar- type challenge. More than likely, you’ve done some sort of cleanse in your life, or signed on to a diet. And I’m guessing, that more than likely, you also felt a version of feeling better – maybe even great! 

But if you’re here right now, it’s probably because you weren’t able to maintain that way of eating and living. And trust me, you’re not alone! 

My Lyme is 98% gone (and I attribute that to great nutrition and wondrous drugs). 
I feel as good as I have ever felt in my life (I attribute that to the diet/water shift and your great insights). I have radically altered my food intake and maintained a no alcohol, no sugar, no gluten, nearly no dairy diet and feel capable of maintaining.

 Working with you has been transformational and I don’t use the word lightly.
Greg Gale


  • If you have an interest in trying a new way of eating and living where everything tastes so good – that you never feel deprived, and therefore, don’t have the need to fall off the wagon…….
  • If you want to know how I travel (a lot) and go out to eat while sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet……
  • And most importantly, if you want to reverse chronic symptoms showing up in your body so you enjoy your day to day life the way you always dreamed….
  • Then I want to introduce you to my group coaching course, The Secret To An Anti-Inflammatory Diet, where I address all of these obstacles and turn them into SOLUTIONS.
  • Check out what so many of people whom I have had the honor of working with with have to say about this work.
  • If you’re curious to know how I survived a near death experience (as in – bed ridden for over a year) due to chronic Lyme disease and parasites that had made their way into my spinal chord, brain stem and in fact put holes in most of my organs and ate away many of my endocrine glands – largely due to anti-inflammatory living….. 
  • If you’re curious how I followed an anti-inflammatory diet while working 55+ hours as a teacher while having two young children (one of which was super sick the first couple years of his life) – without feeling overwhelmed…….
Clean eating did a lot more than just help me loose weight. I decided to try it since I had such bad back pain from a herniated disc, and the proposition of back surgery had recently surfaced in my life. It seemed obvious that eating healthy and not drinking beer would help me loose weight, but what was bigger than the relief from back pain and the weight loss, was the feeling I got. I had energy and wasn’t as angry as I had been. When I started clean eating, I was traveling a lot. I flew once week, lived in hotels, and ate in restaurants 3 meals a day. This was an extremely stressful time in my life, and the stress showed through anger in my marriage. Through my work with Jenny, I learned how to eat clean on the go, and soon my relationship began to improve. Clean eating didn’t fix the problem of me not being home or remove the stress of travel, but it did give me the energy to do my job and work at my marriage. Now, 50 pounds lighter, free of back pain and anger, life continues to fulfill me on a daily basis.
Eric Bressler
I have been sick with gastro trouble for three years. I spent 1000s of dollars on testing and all the doctors could do was rule out what it was not. I tried a gluten free diet and the paleo diet. Those helped a little but I only got better by 10 percent. I was out of acute ER type pain but I was still so sick. I saw a naturopath. Worked with acupuncture. All helped a little. I was getting ready to go to the Mayo clinic and spend more 1000s because I had to get better. 

I have two little children and a full and wonderful life but no health or energy to live it. I was severely nauseaus all the time. So fatigued it was hard to climb the stairs. I was inn bed by 6:30 at night because I couldn’t go one step further. I could never make plans because I could not predict my health. I was unable to exercise and had not for two years. My world became very small. I didn’t know what my next step should be. 

Then I saw Jenny’s add for an anti-inflammation diet. I figured what did I have to loose. I have been following her plan as closely as I can for two weeks and the changes are profound. My nausea of three years is gone!!! I have energy. I go to bed at 9 now. I can play and help my kids in the evenings. I can make dates with friends because my health is stable. I know I will be able to follow through and for the first time in three years my body is craving to move. Not craving to lay down. 

I even went out disco dancing, did a home workout video, skied with my 6 yr old and swam laps!!! All by the third week. Jenny is amazing in that she helps me figure out which foods I react too. And the other amazing piece is that the food I am able to eat is so tasty and I am never hungry. I use to get ravenous and nothing filled me up. Not any more. 

I can not express enough how grateful I am that I found Jenny and the program. It has transformed my life and returned me to who I was three years ago.
Jenny is very nonjudgemental and understanding so working with her is very easy. I never totally mastered my diet or journaling, but with her help I got to a place where I found out how to get rid of my back pain. Jenny is also very encouraging and found ways to help me make small changes that weren’t time consuming.
Maggie Acker Buck

Want to know more? 

  • Where do I start? 
  • What foods do I eat, and what do I not?
  •  How much water do I need to drink each day?
  • And what happens when I fall off the wagon?
  • How strict do I actually have to be in order to heal my body?
  •  And most importantly…how do I do this without feeling deprived and overwhelmed?