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"It is the first time in history that our youngest generation is predicted NOT to outlive their parents." - Fed Up Documentary

This quote shook me to the core, when this statistic came out a number of years ago, and I committed to making a difference in the lives of our youngest generation. We can reverse SO MUCH disease by swapping our a few simple food items and putting ourselves (as caregivers) to the forefront of self-care.

Every Mom’s Dream

If you’re reading this, I imagine you are either a proactive caregiver or desperate to find a solution for your child’s health. While I was raised in a family that valued health, my belief was that if you ate a relatively well balanced diet and exercised, your bases were covered and health would be a constant in life.

Truth be told, these two aspects, exercise and diet, were enough to keep me relatively healthy during my younger years. However, the food industry has dramatically changed since my childhood. What were once considered to be whole foods are now being turned into food-like products, also referred to as Franken-foods. During the lives of my generation, inflammation has dramatically come onto the rise, paralleling the rise of chronic symptoms in adults and children alike. But unlike adults, our youngest generation is the first generation to be completely exposed to such toxins from our food. Their bodies start off being inundated with Franken-foods replacing real nutrition, leading to toxic overload and chronic inflammation. In fact, babies are now being born, on average, with over one hundred different toxins and chemicals within their umbilical cords, according to a report conducted by the Environment Defense. These toxins have been traced back to the environment as well as to consumer products and foods. Even scarier, the chemicals found are linked to serious health conditions such as cancer and toxicity to the brain and nervous system.

With over 40% of the population suffering from one or more chronic health symptoms, children are among the majority of those with auto-immune and behavioral conditions on the rise.

In was 2011, when my first child, Tosh, was diagnosed with a sensory condition significantly impacting his day to day learning. In fact, it was so severe that a drop of water would land on his shirt and he would scream and scream – trying to tear his shirt off because it hurt.
He was unable to put multiple layers of clothes on his skin (a key component to living through the Jackson Hole winters), without complete meltdowns. The sensory condition impacted his ability to focus at school, and even express feelings to his peers effectively. It was a stressful time. 
And I decided we needed to make a fully committed, two week effort to see if anti-inflammatory eating would make a difference. For two weeks (the length of time it typically takes the body to process inflammation from the top inflammatory foods), I committed to making all of Tosh’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks. I wanted to see if inflammation was the root cause of Tosh’s sensory condition and whether or not an anti-inflammatory diet would make a difference

Within two weeks, his sensory condition was significantly improved and within two months it was 85% better!

 But here’s the key…..I had adopted this way of eating for myself first. And what I have learned is that if we don’t take care of ourselves first, as our children’s care givers, we are not able to maintain what it takes to follow through with anti-inflammatory eating for our family.


 Because the benefits of understanding what causes cravings, and how to stop them in their tracks will stick with you for life. You’ll begin to connect how inflammatory foods are impacting your child and exactly what to do about it.
Most of all, you will lead your family to a LIFE LONG journey of vibrant living. Health and safety are the foundation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Without them, we cannot easily aspire to meet our dreams in life. Health truly is the greatest gift you will ever give your children.
I offer both VIP Family Coaching Packages (3-6 months) as well as an online group coaching program called The Secret To An Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Click on the link below to learn more.
Life Changing, that is what comes to mind when I think of Jenny Carr and what she has brought to me and my family’s lives. Her knowledge, passion and pure LOVE for people and their overall health & well being is something I can’t express in just a few words. I reached out to her to find a quick fix to my problems and she opened up my mind to so much more. She has not only changed my body but my overall mental view. She is a pure gift and I can’t image my life without her.
Mindy Duquette
In 2017, I was honored to become an international best selling author for the book, Peace Of Cake: The Secret To An Anti-Inflamamtory Diet. It is with GREAT excitement to announce my next book, The Clean Eating Kid which will launch the summer of 2019.
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